CORES C210 Single Cup Brewer

A great cup of coffee brewed easily

Cores Single Cup Gold Filter is a gold plated filter which is designed for brewing a delicious single cup of coffee.
Simply, place ground coffee and pour hot water.
It is easy and fun for anyone.


Product Size:W10.5×D9.5×H4.0cm
Product Weight:30g
Heat Resistance Temp:135℃

Dose:approiximately 11g for 1 cup coffee

*Due to the nature of metal filters, there will be a small amount of ground coffee in the cup, however, this does not affect the quality of the cup. You may choose not to drink entirely and leave the coffee grounds on the bottom of the cup.

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The secret is in the gold mesh

Since the gold filter is chemical reaction resistant, its effect on the coffee flavour and aroma is kept to a minimum, enabling to extract the best out from the coffee. It is also a perfect way to compare and enjoy the differences between high-quality coffees.

Filter holder is cleverly designed

The filter holder is specifically designed for Cores Gold Filter. Contact points to the filter are kept to a minimum, this helps to achieve smooth extraction and reducing bitterness in your cup.

Use the logo plate as a guide

The grind size is recommended to be medium, or a bit coarser. Please use the “Cores” logo plate as a guide for the amount of coffee to be used.

  • Dark Roast – almost up to the top of the “Cores” logo plate
  • Medium Roast – around to the line on the bottom of the “Cores” logo plate.
  • Light Dark Roast – the “Cores” logo plate has to be completely visible.

*Note: This is a guideline only. Please adjust the amount depending on your taste.

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