Cold Brew

Brewed and steeped within 14-16 hours, our Cold Brew is perfect for a sunny day and on the go. Now you can book your orders through our website. Available in White (milk-based) or a straight Black.

*Our cold brews are brewed freshly upon orders- Please allow within 2-3 days of delivery once orders are confirmed.

Delivery Charges:

We outsource our deliveries. Only Express Delivery is available for our cold brew.

More details

Sometimes we just want to take a break from machine or manual brewing and just cap open a chilled bottle of coffee to sip (or chug) r
ight through - especially after a long day.

That is what brought us to making our Cold Brew coffees. Steeped between 14-16 hours, we explicitly choose our coffees for White (milk based) with origins that give a creamy, vanilla tasting coffee (taste like ice cream coffee too), whilst the Black with some fruit like acidity and that favorite bittersweet flavour which everyone loves. 

Available in Small or Large, you can now order it through our website and get it delivered to you, or you can arrange to pick it up from our roastery.

*We recommend keeping them refrigerated and consumed within 7 days. If it starts to taste off, you can opt to dilute it and give them to your plants! 
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