Drip Bag Rwanda Bosque

 Altitude1,800 -2,200 meters
 RegionHuye District
Tasting Notes
Tangerine, lemongrass, ginger, silky yet juicy

Limau tangerin, serai, halia

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This was our first coffee out of Rwanda. And we're ecstatic to be bringing it back to our shelves as the quality keeps getting better by the year! Due to the unique characteristics of the land and climate, the producers have achieved an exceptional coffee, having earned many rewards from the Rwanda Cup of Excellence in 2013 and 2014. Coffee cherries are delivered to local washing stations by 456 small farmers (90% of women averaging 200-300 coffee trees per farmer). Among the farmers are survivors of the Tutsi Genocide, including 20 women part of the Ngomatyazo Widows Association. Their involvement in the industry offers hope and comfort for the future. David Rubanzangabo, Huye’s founder, rewards each of the producer groups who deliver to the washing station with different perks from our social premium. This year, David is giving each producer group access to health insurance as part of the incentive-based system which encourages farmers to continue to improve quality.

STEP 1: Tear the top of the coffee filter bag along dotted lines.

STEP 2: Pull out the hangers from both sides of the coffee filter bag, and place it onto your coffee jug/mug.


STEP 3: Slowly pour hot water through (92°C -96°C / 160ml - 220ml)  


STEP 4: Remove the coffee bag

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