Mexico Guadalupe Zaju

 Altitude900 - 1,400 meters
 VarietalCaturra, Marsellesa, Hybrids
 ProcessingFully washed and dried in guardiolas
 RegionSoconusco, Chiapas
 Tasting Notes            Black: Red apples, tangerine, hints of strawberry

White: Praline, milk chocolate, raisins

Sweet finish with clean and mild acidity

More details

Our second Mexican release comes from Finca Guadalupe Zaju by farmer Teddy Esteve. We were so elated with what we found at the cupping table that we decided to source the washed and natural process from Teddy's farm. Eduardo ‘Teddy’ Esteve, purchased the farm in 2004- it was a true act of faith and commitment to making the formerly great farm into a bastion of quality again. Teddy’s family had been involved in commodity trading – including coffee, tea and cocoa – for over 150 years, and he had worked on the coffee end of the business for his whole life. In his own words, he says “I grew up cleaning up the cupping room in the office and being involved in clerical matters since my early days to complement my allowance.” He directly started working for the family company in 1983.

All coffee on the farm is selectively hand-harvested and sorted, again, when it is delivered to the farm's mill. The coffee is pulped using a Pinhalense eco pulper, purchased in 2009, which separates ripe and underripe/underweight cherries again, along with removing any debris remaining with the cherries. This pulper uses one cubic meter of water to process up to 20 tonnes! This is a huge water saving and contributes greatly towards limiting the farm’s environmental footprint. After pulping, coffee is sorted by density and delivered to separate tanks to ferment between 15 to 40 hours, depending on the weather at the time. This has yielded interesting tasting notes of apples, tangerine and strawberry. It is sweet and clean with mild acidity and aftertaste.
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