Drip Bag Ethiopia Hambela

 Altitude2,100 meters
 VarietalEthiopian Heirloom
 Tasting NotesPeach, Black tea, blueberries with a silky body

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Our first 2022 Ethiopian release comes from the the Oromia region of the infamous Guji area. The Hambela farm spans some 200 Ha. of high-altitude mountains and employs more than 30 full time staff. This grows to over 800 staff in the harvesting season and 70% of these workers are women. They also have an improvement program that enable the farmers to work closely with agronomists and processing experts on increasing the quality of their coffee.


This natural process coffee brings a complex flavour profile which is full of floral notes and sweet fruits and a little boozy touch, a taste often found in natural coffees.

STEP 1: Tear the top of the coffee filter bag along dotted lines.

STEP 2: Pull out the hangers from both sides of the coffee filter bag, and place it onto your coffee jug/mug.


STEP 3: Slowly pour hot water through (92°C -96°C / 160ml - 220ml)  


STEP 4: Remove the coffee bag

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