Festive Blend Combo 1

Introducing Collective 'Festive Blend Combo 1'. We’ve put together our favourite combinations into one perfectly gift-ready packaged bundle that makes for the perfect present.

Inside the bundle:

1) 250g Festive Blend
2) 250g Rwanda Buf Remera
3) 5pcs Sweet Drip Bag 

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1) Festive Blend

The Festive bells are ringing and here we are for your brewing! We are excited for this year's blend and we hope to make it last through the long festive period for everyone. This current series rendition embraces a unique single origin which is diverse in flavour and sure to help us in our overeating and gleeful period. It evokes the joy of fruited sweetness (think cranberries/mango) with a beautiful mix of yoghurt and eggnogs, not forgetting the usual family’s love of cooking spices!

Tasting Notes: Black: Peach, Cranberry, Spices, Dried Mango
                         White: Vanilla Pod, Yogurt, Eggnog

2) Rwanda Buf Remera

We feel privileged to have this naturally processed coffee from Rwanda landing in our roastery. Rwanda is one of our favourite coffee origins, and it’s always exciting when the first samples arrive. But this micro lot is really unique - and out of this world.

This 100% Bourbon lot was processed at BUF Cafe’s Remera washing station. Many of Buf’s natural lots are a blend of lots from their four washing stations. However, this special lot was produced entirely at Remera, at 1,900 meters above sea level.

The level of care that all Buf washing stations take over their processing is impressive. Cherries are hand-picked only when fully ripe and go through stringent sorting at all stages of processing. Most speciality coffee from Rwanda are wet-processed, but in recent years people at Buf Cafe have started to experiment and look for new and creative ways to produce exceptional coffee using the natural process method. This lot illustrates the very best that method has to offer. It’s fruity notes are clean and incredibly sweet with a juicy mouthfeel.

Tasting Notes: Red Currant, Jam, Cranberry, Dark Chocolate, Juicy Body                     

3) Sweet Drip Bag

This series has been regularly ranked as the team's favourite, the blend pays homage to drinkers who enjoy fruit-like sweetness and complexities in their espressos, with and without milk. This season feature notes of grapefruit, raisins and guava-like acidity, followed by a creamy body that is complemented with hints of toffee and honeysuckle. Truly an exciting espresso profile to be enjoyed in your morning routine.

Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, Raisins, Honey

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