El Salvador Finca El Carmen

 Altitude1,300 MASL 
 VarietalOrange Bourbon
 ProcessingAnaerobic Natural
 RegionApaneca-Ilamatepec, Ahuachapán
Tasting NotesRaisin, Winey, Pomegranate, Dates

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Located in El Salvador’s Apaneca-Ilamatepc mountain range – one of Central America’s prime specialty coffee producing areas, we feel privileged to get their limited supply of anaerobic processing landing in our roastery. The estate has been farmed by the Alfaro family for over a century with the altitude of 1,300m above sea level.

El Carmen lies in the heart of El Salvador’s main ‘protected highway’ of forest, where more than 80% of the country’s coffee is produced under shade. Anaerobic natural coffee processing is relatively new in the coffee industry, and it has quickly gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the unique flavor profile that can be creamier and sweeter than the traditional processing methods. This is because anaerobic is a method where coffee cherries are kept in a closed container with no oxygen so that the fermentation process is accelerated.


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