Ethiopia Chelbesa

 Altitude1,900 Meters
 RegionYirgacheffe, Ethiopia
 Tasting Notes
Jasmine, Earl Grey, with note of Floral Honey

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Grown in the well-known Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia, this coffee comes from a collection of smallholder producers in the microregion of Chelbes and is processed at the Gargari Washing Station.

Coffee is a family crop - grown by households within small gardens, on less than one hectare of land. Producers line their homes with coffee trees, and it is the primary source of income. It is common for producers to intercrop enset, the Ethiopian banana, avocados, and papaya to have additional food sources.

We feature this beautiful coffee as an espresso and filter as it mesmerised in cup quality for both brewing methods with notes of Jasmine and Earl Grey with pleasant acidity. 

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