Reduced price! Lina Clemencia Londono Geisha

Lina Clemencia Londono Geisha

 Altitude1,800 MASL
 ProcessingExtended Fermentation
Tasting NotesJasmine, Orange Blossom, Black Tea

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Lina Clemencia Londoño, a 60-year-old coffee enthusiast, has had a deep connection with coffee throughout her entire life at Finca San Fernando. Having known Lina for several years, Siruma, who hails from the same department, has been a source of encouragement for her in the production of specialty coffee.

In recent years, their focus has shifted towards growing more exotic varietals and implementing specialty processing methods to enhance the quality of their coffee. Lina has carefully chosen a diverse range of coffee varieties to cultivate on her farm, including Colombia, Gesha, Pink Bourbon, Sudan Rume, Castillo, and Laurina. To ensure the highest quality beans, only extremely ripe cherries are collected every 18 days while immature beans are discarded through a floating process.

Following the collection of cherries, Lina employs a unique fermentation technique to enhance the flavor profile of her coffee. The cherries are sealed in bags and left to ferment for an additional 12 hours, extending the fermentation process. Subsequently, the cherries are pulped, and a dry fermentation process is carried out for 24 hours. This approach helps to develop the distinct taste characteristics of the coffee and the controlled drying process ensures that the coffee retains its optimal moisture content and preserves the delicate flavors that Lina has worked hard to cultivate.
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