Blend Box

This blend box consists of 5 sachets Bold Premium Blend and 5 sachets Sweet Blend.


 Coffeea) 70% Brazil Cocarive
b) 30% Uganda Mt. Elgon 
 Varietala) Mundo Nuovo / Catuai
b) SL 14 & 28
 Processinga) Natural
b) Washed 
 Tasting NotesBlack: Guava, Dates, Green Apple
White: Barley, Dried Prunes, Cocoa


 Coffeea) 60% Brazil Cocarive
b) 40% Ethiopia Limu
 Varietala) Mundo Nuovo/Catuai
b) Ethiopian Heirloom
 Processinga) Natural 
b) Washed 
 Tasting NotesBlack: Grapefruit, raisins, honey
White: Barley, toffee, eclairs

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This premium series explores a mix of our original base of  Brazil's Cocarive, an origin that we have contracted from due to its production of consistently high-quality coffees. Located in Carmo de Minas region, it is naturally processed, offering overall complexities and balanced acidity that makes the perfect base for refines espressos.

Blended with coffee from Mt. Elgon in Uganda, we took a different approach with a mix that plays around with cocoa balanced with tropical fruit flavours. It has a relatively higher body than our previous series and smoothly well structured which makes it amazing on milk-based drinks or the favourite short black - catered to those who enjoy a few cups of coffee in their daily routine.


This series has been regularly ranked as the team's favourite, the blend pays homage to drinkers who enjoy fruit-like sweetness and complexities in their espressos, with and without milk. This season feature notes of grapefruit, raisins and guava like acidity, followed by a creamy body that is complemented with hints of toffee and honey suckle. Truly an exciting espresso profile to be enjoyed in your morning routine. 


STEP 1: Tear the top of the coffee filter bag along dotted lines.

STEP 2: Pull out the hangers from both sides of the coffee filter bag, and place it onto your coffee jug/mug.


STEP 3: Slowly pour hot water through (92°C -96°C / 160ml - 220ml)  


STEP 4: Remove the coffee bag

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